MID and TID have continually communicated and demonstrated that we have better science and better solutions for the Tuolumne River to address the same concerns that state regulators are attempting to solve.

The Tuolumne River Management Plan was created by MID and TID for the proposed operations, improvements, and resource protection measures under a new federal license for the Don Pedro Project. The Plan achieves the co-equal goals of protecting and improving the natural resources of the lower Tuolumne River and protecting and sustaining the water supplies to our communities.

The Plan is the culmination of a multi-year, comprehensive effort by the Districts in consultation with numerous federal and state resource agencies, Indian tribes, and members of the public, working under the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Integrated Licensing Process, to identify and assess the effects of ongoing Project operations on environmental resources.

As part of this effort, the Districts worked closely with relicensing participants to compile and review existing information and conduct more than 35 FERC-approved resource studies, including holding 20 consultation workshops with relicensing participants, covering the full range of environmental resources in the Project area.

Nine key measures have been proposed by MID and TID to better the Tuolumne River as part of the Tuolumne River Management Plan. Check out our Solutions Map or the Tuolumne River Management Plan website for more details.

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“I think we really agree you can’t just throw water at something and get a proportional positive response. You can’t just throw more water at the river and expect that the environment is going to get better.”
State Water Board member Steven Moore, testifying before Senate Rules Committee, June 8, 2016